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The first picture is me in high school when I was annorexic. I would go days without eating anything but a saltine cracker and some water. I had cotton mouth always, I could never get warm, and I started having ir-regular heart beats which still haunt me to this day. Oh and I never had a period and if by some chance I did, I was bedridden from the pain.

The second picture is of me now. I weight at least double what I did when that picture was taken in 1996. In 1999, I got into a car accident and the meds I was taking made me gain approx 40 pounds VERY rapidly. I also ate food again.

I do not know what all the drama is between thin and fat people thats going on right now, nor do I care but I have one thing to say- we all have triggers and lots of us have walked in both pairs of shoes. I may not have been under 100 pounds in this picture or a small as some girls but my weight issues were all valid. My weight issues today are valid. All people get shamed and ridiculed and in order for it to stop, people need to step back and say “there is room on this planet for all of us.”

One thing is for sure….. name calling sucks no matter how much you weigh.

There were people in my life when the first photo was taken who called me fat. I do not look at this picture now  and see a fat girl at all, but inside, I felt like I was the fattest girl ever. i did not look in the mirror and see what this photo shows. I looked in the mirror and saw a girl no one liked. A former fat kid. I was not pretty or popular and I never would be unless I was smaller. I would wear Tshirts to hide my bathing suit. I would wear loose mens band shirts to hide my body. I would buy mens jeans at thrift stores. I hated looking at myself in a mirror.

The point to this post is that I have seen some nasty stuff coming through on my dash and its a huge turn off. I have seen a few girls that I thought were cool turn out to be not so cool. Being body positive should not involve beating others down for the sake of an argument. WE ALL HAVE ISSUES. We all have triggers. We all have things that we feel or like and that is fine.

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