One of a kind creepy dolls by bastet2329. I live in Los Angeles County, CA and LOVE all things vintage. I am a fat girl, a mom, and a full time artist. Join me on Youtube: bbwdollface
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Pussy cats people. #kidsbook #pussycat

#sky #sunset #california

Stolen from Dena. I cannot handle these pants. If any of you wear these around me, I will laugh so hard I pee and cry. #wtf #wtf #wtf #vintage #wtf

Small doll. eBay Id: Bastet2329

Pumpkin girl. eBay Id: bastet2329

Doll with doll. eBay Id: bastet2329

Black widow doll. eBay id: Bastet2329

Smaller lady doll. eBay Id:bastet2329 clickable link in profile.

Pretty face teddy bear. eBay Id: bastet2329 clickable link in profile.

Tears of blood doll. eBay is: bastet2329 clickable link in profile