One of a kind creepy dolls by bastet2329. I live in Los Angeles County, CA and LOVE all things vintage. I am a fat girl, a mom, and a full time artist. Join me on Youtube: bbwdollface
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Need to go to this. Heck, I want to have art up- I need to figure out how to make that happen lol One of my favorite shows. #meltdown #threesconpany #hollywood #losangeles #artshow

We watched the peacocks for a long time. This fellow was loosing a feather and kept biting it to pull it out. Not having hands must suck. #peacock #hollywoodforever


Awwww thanks friends! Made it to 31k today. Tag your friends if you think they would like my work and make sure you tag me if we take pics together, I love to repost pics with you guys :) I promise that I will start booking shoots and listing new dolls soon. Next month you can find me at Scare LA all weekend and in September, I will be at Son of Monsterpalooza ( Mystic Crypt booth for both). Thank you guys for all the love :)

Want #peewee #peeweeherman

#vampira #hollywoodforever

#mickeyrooney #hollywoodforever

Peewee and Miss Yvonne the peewee art show at Meltdoen Comics on Sunset #hollywood #peewee #peeweeherman #art

Today. #limecrime

A few of my favorite things